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If we are frozen and hard we are like death. If we are soft and yielding we are like life. When we look at the hexagram through the two trigrams — Wind and Water — we can see that we develop a strong foundation from allowing the natural energy of water to nourish us. In astrology, water is generally associated with emotions. Gate 48 is in the Spleen Centre, so we can expect that Haumea has something to do with our body awareness and how we use it to create harmony, beauty and balance.

It plays out in our lymphatic system, affecting our health and wellbeing, and our enthusiasm to share what we know without fear of feeling inadequate. When we allow ourselves time to connect deeply with what nourishes us, we lose our fear that we will ever have to do without or that nourishment will not be there when we need it. This gate also represents tuning into a body knowing that supports us to have mental clarity.

The wind and wood trigrams suggest a connection between the mind and emotions and how they impact on our health at the physical level. Gate 48 has a lot to do with managing resources, which is interesting, given that the opposite gate — 21 in the Heart Centre — is about how we manage our resources. The gate that forms a channel with Gate 21 — Gate 45 — represents the overlord, who is also a character in the story of Gate The more light we express the truer we express the vibrancy of our souls, and the more life giving spirit substance we embody.

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Nick Anthony Fiorenza. Philip Sedgwick suggests that Haumea gives a soulful confidence and unshakeable personal inner knowing, restoring a rock solid integrity. If you enjoy these cosmic blogs, remember to check back frequently.

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  • There will be more. The same stands true of Eris, Sedna, Haumea and Makemake. And let us not ignore the influence of the dwarf planet Ceres. When assessing planetary potency, astronomers tend to go into a discrimination mode regarding physical attributes.

    Astronomical/Astrological symbols for other planets' moons

    It becomes all about the diameter of a body and its mass, ignoring the important qualities of relative gravitational influence and density. This is similar to enjoying a meal based only upon plate presentation and smell, ignoring taste and texture. How silly. Sit with them and take some time to consider the magnitude of what we might be missing. As well, consider what might be missed in developing consciousness without the influence of these bodies.

    The following diagrams do not include the data for Makemake, Haumea and Sedna. The data for these bodies is quite new and subject to change. It is likely a reasonable assumption that Makemake and Haumea will track closely with Eris. Notice the amazingly strong influence of Ceres. No wonder the other gods and goddesses deferred to her as they did.

    More data is to come. While arguments can be posed against these suppositions, equally valid points can be made about these observations. It started with the naming of the Kuiper Belt Object bearing the minor planet number When this body received the name Varuna from the Vedic the traditional protocol of assigning names to significant — and not to minimize asteroids — astronomical bodies for solely Greco-Roman deities was broken.

    Since then, a good bit of headway has been made in including previously overlooked cultural archetypes. Mike Brown, co-discoverer of Eris, said in a lecture at the University of Arizona that the fact this notable name of an infamous and feared goddess withstood the rage of asteroid naming and remained unassigned, nearly made him a believer in astrology. He also said by all rights, Eris should be Persephone, but damn those asteroids! They used up all approximations of Persephone.

    Given that estimation, it is coincidentally funny how pomegranate juice became the hot health trend as the unnamed body to become Eris came to our attention.

    Astrology: planet HAUMEA

    Well before the naming of Eris, the object known as minor planet received a non-traditional name — Quaoar, a name derived from Tongva Native Americans whose roots appear in the Los Angeles region. Tradition still prevails to some degree. We also have another Native American entry, Teharonhiawako, and just to mess with things entirely, an astronomer hell bent on shaking loose all tradition assigned Borasisi to minor solar system body Bokonism admittedly is based entirely upon lies, but if one follows the precepts one can live a contended life.

    Recent naming efforts have focused upon the Pacific Rim. While waiting for assignment of the names of the dwarf planets Makemake, which comes from Rapa Nui, and Haumea, straight out of Hawaii, the Aborigines received a cosmic imprint of their lore as the body became Altjira. There are some interesting correspondences.

    Same Series:

    Altjira, Makemake and Sedna all contain bird men as part of their mythology. Makemake, from Easter Island, bore the colloquial interim name Easter Bunny. Jupiter is a huge player mythologically with the dwarf planets Ceres, Pluto and Eris. As well, Jupiter branches beyond mythological proportions with unifying astronomical facts. The perihelion degree of the dwarf planet Makemake is 15 Aries 22, that of Jupiter 15 Aries 21!

    Even the opinionated Jupiter gets it, orbitally reaching across cultures. Eris, the goddess of discord, because she was a small apple-like planet thrown in to create a Trojan War for astronomers and astrologers. The dwarf planet Haumea was once stuck by an object that sent her spinning and knocked seven significant pieces of ice from her body that follow her path and she has two moons.

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    Haumea, a Hawaiian fertility goddess sacrificed parts of her body for offspring to be born. Now we embrace the possible dwarf planet OR Given its current run in southern declinations, I hoping the naming goes Maori. They are all spherical except Hyperion. From a suggestion by my brother Marc Moskowitz, I've combined the Greek letter beginning their names with Saturn's hook.

    I've used the lower-case rho instead of the capital for aesthetic reasons. Titan and Tethys both begin with tau, so Titan has a circle around its intersection to symbolize its atmosphere. Uranus has two symbols, both of which include a circle at the bottom. Its moons are named after characters from English literature.

    Haumea Astrology | | Astrology | Astrology, Zodiac, Science

    Here are symbols for the 5 major satellites, based on the initial of the moon from the roman alphabet combined with the lower circle from the symbol for Uranus. I've used the empty circle from the "H" symbol - if you prefer the arrow symbol, feel free to add the central dot. Neptune has 3 "major" moons - Triton, which is the 7th largest moon in the Solar system, and the non-spherical Nereid 31 Zg and Proteus 50 Zg.

    Their symbols combine the Greek letter beginning their names and Neptune's trident. There are five currently-recognized dwarf planets, three of which are known to have moons. This is not entirely a coincidence - the presence of moons helps determine mass, which is part of the classification process. There are also a number of large TNOs that are likely to be eventually classified as dwarves, two of which are known to have moons.

    I have proposed symbols for many of these as well, on that same page.

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    I have designed symbols for all the dwarf planets' and TNOs' moons, based on the traditional symbol or my suggested one. Pluto has two symbols, one usually used by astronomers and one usually used by astrologers. The astronomical symbol is a combination of the letters P and L, both for the planet PLuto and in honor of Percival Lowell. The astrological symbol is a circle inside an arc above a cross. Charon was discovered by James Christy and named to honor his wife Charlene, so a symbol combining C and H is the obvious choice for an astronomical symbol.

    The astrological symbol uses the floating circle from Pluto and applies it to a sideways crescent, referencing both Charon being a moon and Charon's mythological meaning as a boatman across the river of the dead. A version of this symbol is apparently already a less common symbol for Pluto.