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Gemini Health & Wellness Horoscope

At first, you could be upset by all the arguing. Later, however, a resolution will help you to calm down. Your mood will be much more upbeat as a result. You can tackle nearly anything. Tonight: Out on the town. You could be out with friends or in a meeting at work as you hear an argument start from out of the blue.

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As you listen to what is being discussed, you are likely to gain a new understanding of the parties involved. Tonight: Head home early -- you need some R and R. You might find that a boss is being fussy and difficult. Just hang in there. Still, you might find that someone is trying to start an argument around you. It is your call whether you want to get involved.

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Make plans to be with friends or someone special. Tonight: Swap holiday tales. You might want to share more of your vision of what could happen if you were to free yourself up. You could find that a loved one is threatened by what you share, and you might need to talk through this problem together.

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Both of you will be happier if you do. Tonight: Say "yes. If you are not careful, you could make a big problem for yourself. Deal with a loved one directly.

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You have a way about you that draws many people toward you. There can be an element of jealousy around you at times. Try to look at the big picture.

Tonight: As you like it. You could be too tired to continue at this present pace. Someone close to you is likely to push your buttons in an attempt to get you energized. Be aware of what this person is doing.


Make time for a one-on-one conversation later in the day. Today's new moon in fellow air sign Libra marks a fresh start in your love life and creative endeavors—cute! It's a lovely day to connect with your crush as sweet Venus connects with lucky Jupiter. Celebration is in the air.

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Open the windows, change your sheets, and toss out the trash: Today's new moon in Libra marks a fresh start at home. Energetically cleanse your living spaces. A clean slate in your family life is here. Venus connects with Jupiter, finding you having fun as you complete your chores. Today's new moon in intellectual air sign Libra brings a fresh start in communication—a new discussion begins. A lovely message comes your way as charming Venus connects with lucky Jupiter.

Today's new moon in Libra marks the beginning of a new cycle in your finances and the way you manage your belongings. It's a wonderful day to work on issues concerning security as sweet Venus cozies up to lucky Jupiter—ask for what you want! What's in the stars for you in September?

Read your monthly horoscope here. Want these horoscopes sent straight to your inbox? Click here to sign up for the newsletter. Even if you are the kind of Crab who dislikes letting your feelings show you won't be able to put on an icy front today. Your emotions will be easily read from your eyes, so either get some dark glasses or learn how to control your moods. Pretending that a problem does not exist won't make it go away — in fact it may even get worse.

The sooner you accept that fact the sooner you can move on from the mind games you've been playing with yourself to the decisions that need to be made. You believe in being honest as to what you expect of other people but if you expect more of them than they are capable of giving then you may not be friends or colleagues for long. Make allowances for those who are not as mentally agile as you.

Try to strike a good balance between work and family issues over the next few days. This may be the festive season but there are still matters outside home that need to be taken care of. Just make sure they don't take up all your time. Mars in your sign, linked to Neptune, planet of imagination, urges you to get your creative juices flowing and start something big and bold between now and the start of the new year. Give yourself permission to dream — then act on those dreams. You may have to do things you don't much enjoy over the next 24 hours but it's really no big deal.

The fact is you are doing them not because you have been ordered to but because you know it will make a loved one's life easier.

Gemini daily horoscope – December 28 2018

Try to be upbeat. Act as if nothing can go wrong. It may not be true but if you pretend it is you may be surprised how smoothly things go over the next two or three days. A confident outlook will attract help from the cosmos around you.

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Why the long face? Why the feeling of impending doom? No doubt it has much to do with all that activity in the most sensitive area of your chart, but you don't have to let it get you down.