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Taurus Dates: The Leap Year Bump

They understand that money involves risk. And if you're spirit can't manage the inconsistency of the flow, it could harm you.

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The universe wants to help us all, so we each have our season. Some are wealthy in love. Others wealthy in charity and friendship. A few get wealthy with good health, and that's something money can't buy What's love if it's bought? Not really worth much. Sure, there are a few who have bigger bank accounts than someone else.

Taurus and Aquarius energy know this to be the case, and team up for all zodiac signs today to invite each of us to view our hearts AND minds about how we view wealth and the different ways it manifests. This also doesn't mean a financial hardship is a sign of a person who doesn't have the right attitude or heart. In fact, the most generous and happy people in the world often come from a background of hard work and humble means.

Today's Taurus Horoscope - Wednesday, October 9, 12222

Live with a pure heart and enjoy all forms of wealth that come your way and value its seasons. We all are blessed with something that we need in that moment, and gratitude is one way to share in the joy that all blessings bring. Where your zodiac sign's house is positioned on the astrology zodiac wheel, and where the planets are positioned at that time, your energy and reaction to that placement may be different than someone else. Best daily activities to do today involve going out in nature, watching sporting activities and getting yard work done.

Aries, line up your goals. Turn your attention toward the home front.

Taurus Horoscopes - January 24-30, 2011 - Weekly Horoscopes -

Give thanks to those who have supported you. Appreciate the small things and treat yourself to a comfort that you've earned.

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Taurus, dig in. A decision to cross over into an area of work or intention is there for you but you have to set your mind on a specific goal. Factors open to create the opportunity you're interested in. Hard work with fortune come together for you. Reflect and evaluate your approach to a project that requires some improvements or perhaps a tweak to make things sing. Cancer, things slow down and it's the perfect time for a pause.

Let a current concern come into focus. Channel your analytical thinking into action steps and treat your thoughts as wise friends who help you to find the right direction. Leo, reflection is always first. Then pounce!

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Use your intuition and trust your instinct when making moves. Embrace clarity. Libra, dream. You're never too young or too old for a dream. At work, you will absorb pressure which will tire you by day end. Try to divide your work among team mates or schedule some work for some other day. Take a few works and produce quality work.

You may enjoy delicious meal with someone special. Pay a lot of attention to revise your diet and incorporate healthy meals in it. Drink a lot of water to keep your blood pressure in control.

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  • Try to tackle your personal relationships later on as they seem to hamper you more in addition to the digestive tract ailments. Relieve yourself mentally and stop thinking about other things as well. Your partner is co-operative and supportive. Go share your concerns with your dear ones rather than keeping the worries within you.

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    That will be of great help and will relieve your stress to quite an extent. Understand compatibility with love horoscope. Check love percentage using love calculator.